Magnetic exchange induced Weyl state in a semimetal

报告题目:Magnetic exchange induced Weyl state in a semimetal

报告人: 郭艳峰 研究员,上海科技大学




报告摘要:I will introduce my recent work which unveiled a magnetic exchange induced Weyl state in semimetal EuCd2Sb2, a member in type IV magnetic space group, via performing high magnetic field magneto-transport measurements and ab initio calculations. For the A-type antiferromagnetic (AFM) structure of both compounds, the external magnetic field (B) larger than 3.2 T can align the Eu spins to be fully polarized along the crystallographic c-axis and consequently drive the system into a ferromagnetic (FM) state, associated by a phase transition from a small-gap AFM topological insulator into a FM Weyl semimetal. Fermi arcs connected the Weyl points are also revealed by the calculations. I will also briefly introduce my recent growth of high-quality crystals of various quantum materials.


[1] Hao Su, ……., Yanfeng Guo, Magnetic exchange induced Weyl state in a semimetal EuCd2Sb2, arXiv: 1903.12532.

[2] J.-R. Soh,……, Y. F. Guo, et al., An ideal Weyl semimetal induced by magnetic exchange, arXiv: 1901.10022. 


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