Mu Wang, Cheung-Kong Professor in condensed matter physics at Nanjing University (since 1997) and the adjunct professor at the Department of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering at Stony Brook University, New York (since 2021). He has been elected as the Fellow of the IOP (UK) in 2004, the Fellow of the American Physical Society in 2012, and the Fellow of Optica (Optical Society of America) in 2018. He obtained his Bs. and Ph.D. degrees from Nanjing University and worked as a postdoctoral researcher at Nijmegen University, Netherlands. He received the Chien-Shiung Wu Physics Award from the Chinese Physical Society in 1992 and the Distinguished Young Scholar Fund from the NSF of China in 1994. In 2007, the Chinese State Department honored him with the National Award for Natural Sciences (2nd place). He was appointed Director of the National Laboratory of Solid State Microstructures during 2006-2014. He was a member of the Standing Committee of the Chinese Physical Society during 2004-2014, and a member of the Standing Committee of the Chinese Society of Crystallography during 2008-2019. Currently he is also serving as the Associate Editor for Physical Review Letters since 2014 and the Editor for Physical Review Materials since 2017. In addition, he is the Outreach Coordinator for the APS Journals in China.


Fundamentals of Crystal Growth (1996.2-1996.7; 1997.2-1997.6, 1998.2-1998.7; 2000.2-2000.7, 2013.2-2013.7);

Thermodynamics (1992.2-1992.7; 2007.2-2007.6; 2008.2-2008.6; 2009.2-2009.6);

Optics (1998.9-1999.1; 2000.8-2001.1; 2002.9-2003.1; 2003.9-2004.1);

Selected topics in Condensed Matter Physics (2011.10; 2010.11; 2009.10)

Research Interests

(I) Design and fabrication of metamaterials; application of metamaterials for quantum information: transformation and distribution of entangled photon pairs; integration of quantum information networks; quantum state tomography of polarization-entangled states based on metasurfaces, etc.

(II) Design and optimization of metamaterials for sensing and energy harvesting, photoelectric conversion with broadband perovskite metasurface, and functionality-multiplexing capability in metasurface design.

(III) Formation mechanism of novel microstructures with unique optoelectric functionalities; the role of electroconvection in electrodeposition systems; self-organization of ordered nanostructures.

Recently selected publications:

1. Multichannel distribution and transformation of entangled photons with dielectric metasurfaces

Y.-J. Gao, Z. Wang, Y. Jiang, Ruwen Peng, Z.-Y. Wang, D-X. Qi, R.-H. Fan, W.-J. Tang, Mu Wang

Physical Review Letters 129, 023601 (2022)

2. Formation of Magnetic Nanowire Arrays by Cooperative Lateral Growth

F. Chen, Z. Yang, J.N. Li, F. Jia, F. Wang, D. Zhao, R.W. Peng, Mu Wang

Science Advances, 8, eabk0180 (2022)

3. Metasurface design for the generation of an arbitrary assembly of different polarization states

YJ Gao, Z Wang, W Tang, X Xiong, Z Wang, F Chen, RW Peng, M Wang

Physical Review B 104 (12), 125419 (2021)

4. Realizing colorful holographic mimicry by metasurfaces

B Xiong, Y Xu, J Wang, L Li, L Deng, F Chen, RW Peng, M Wang, Y Liu

Advanced Materials 33 (21), 2005864 (2021)

5. Simultaneous generation of arbitrary assembly of polarization states with geometrical-scaling-induced phase modulation

YJ Gao, X Xiong, Z Wang, F Chen, RW Peng, M Wang

Physical Review X 10 (3), 031035 (2020)

6. Constructing metastructures with broadband electromagnetic functionality

RH Fan, B Xiong, RW Peng, M Wang

Advanced Materials 32 (27), 1904646 (2020)

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