Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Physics
Nanjing University, 20-22 December 2017
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December 20-22, 2017     Nanjing, China

from CMP import many_body_theory as physics
from CS import machine_learning as AI


The past few years have seen a rapid growth of interest in artificial intelligence from industry to academia. There is no doubt that artificial intelligence will play a major role in all areas of future scientific research. This workshop brings together experts from a variety of backgrounds to discuss the present and future developments of artificial intelligence and quantum physics. As machine learning finds more applications in physics, physics will also impose more influence on machine learning. The topics of this workshop will cover both directions:

  • Applying machine learning techniques to power physics research, such as to classify phases of matter, to solve quantum many-body problems, to boost numerical calculation efficiency, and to design desired quantum material and quantum circuit. The central question is whether artificial intelligence can understand the existing physics and discover new physical laws.
  • Applying the methods and theories developed in physics to explore new machine learning paradigm and to understand the nature of artificial intelligence. This includes the development of physics-inspired learning algorithms based on statistical physics, tensor networks, and quantum computation; the conversation among deep learning, renormalization group, and holographic duality; the theory of neural network dynamics and phase transitions. The ultimate goal is to discover the universal laws behind the emergence of intelligence.

The workshop is sponsored by the Nanjing University AIQ fund. The AIQ fund is donated by the Founder and President of ECOVACS Robotics, Mr. Qian Dongqi, who is also an alumni of NJU (Bachelor in Physics 1981, and Master in Philosophy 1987). The AIQ fund aims at boosting the research activities in the interdisciplinary field of artificial intelligence and quantum physics in NJU, as well as reinforces collaborations between the School of Physics and the Department of Computer Science and Technology of NJU.


Tentative Invited Speakers

Jacob Biamonte Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology
Zoltan Zimboras Wigner Institute
Miles Stoudenmire CCQ, Simons Foundation
Peter Wittek ICFO
Alexey Melnikov Innsbruck
Alejandro Perdomo-Ortiz USRA/NASA QuAIL/UCL/CQCL
Hui Zhai Tsinghua
Yang Qi Fudan
Junwei Liu HKUST
Pan Zhang ITP, CAS
Xun Gao Tsinghua
Lu-Ming Duan U Michigan
Man-Hong Yung SUSTC
Dong-Ling Deng U Maryland
Vedran Dunjko MPQ
Marin Bukov UC Berkeley
Nana Liu Centre for Quantum Technologies
Bei Zeng University of Guelph


Organization | Host Institute | Organization Committee | Secretariat
Host Institute
School of Physics, Department of Computer Science and Technology, Nanjing University
Organization Committee
JianXin Li (Nanjing University)
BoGen Wang (Nanjing University)
Gangshan Wu (Nanjing University)
YiZhuang You (Harvard University)
Lei Wang (Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Conference Venue And Accommodation

Yishiyuan Hotel
Add: 81 North Zhongshan Rd, Nanjing, China

Mr. Jinsheng Liu ( , Yaling Xie ( , +86 25 8359 3184)